The newsletter is nothing new and even e-newsletters are something most are familiar with. However, many club leaderships aren’t aware of the full extent of their utility. So too, many believe they pose a threat to their club’s print publication. This is a mistake, they enhance your print publication.

Why should my club have an e-newsletter?

E-newsletters present two opportunities to car clubs. Firstly, they offer a simple and useful benefit to your existing benefit to your members that makes them more likely to stay with you. E-newsletter can give your members information more regularly than would ever be feasible physically. Furthermore, by going direct to their email inbox, e-newsletters engage with your members in a way that a website cannot.

Put simply, an e-newsletter makes your members want to stay as it makes them feel involved with something lively, active and busy.

Secondly, e-newsletters also present a new means of attracting new members to your club. A lot of the time, people are interested in clubs, but aren’t sure if they are right for them. It is a lot easier for you to convince someone to give you their email address rather than an annual membership fee, so this is your chance to convince those sitting on the fence.

With an e-newsletter you can show everything that’s great about your club. Whether that’s exciting events, discounts, an active club forum or exciting editorial content.

E-newsletters allow you to directly speak to potential members and familiarise them with your brand.

They can also link to content on your website, whether free or not, or tease articles in upcoming magazine issues.

You can also draw attention to your club forum, getting more members involved and showing it off to the public.

Won’t this render my print magazine obsolete?

The dichotomy between digital media and print is a false one. Young or old, there are many who will always prefer a glossy, high-quality physical publication over something on a screen. An e-newsletter is your chance to boast about your magazine and to tease about what is coming up.

An e-newsletter may be better at giving quick club updates and information on upcoming events than a magazine, but this allows your publication to focus on what it is really valued for: its editorial content.

Overall then?

Whether on its own, or as part of a grander content strategy, an e-newsletter will allow your club to speak to more people, get them engaged with your club and maybe even just get them signed up as a member. Get in touch with us if you’d like to learn more about how we can help you launch an e-newsletter for your club.


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