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At Next Step Heritage we can deliver anything from a single service, to a project to increase membership by 20%, to the full range of services listed below. Clubs and their committees and active members are unique in their understanding of the cars they support. Our tools and services will enable you to focus on what you do best and ensure that you keep an up to date and growing range of services for both today’s and tomorrow’s growing membership.

Monthly e-newsletter...

… fresh, detailed and exciting news, info & links, requiring only 1-2 articles per month from the club

Social Media Support...

… running facebook, twitter, Instagram campaigns to increase interest in the cars, the club and its events

Magazine back issue management...

… scanning, indexing & making this rich & helpful content fully searchable to members

Club digital dashboard...

…interactive overview of social media and web traffic, membership figures, and other key performance indicators for your club

Auction results data to support valuation officers...

… using up to date UK auction data

Website design, development and support...

… based on the latest inexpensive standard modules & functions

Club marketplace...

… as an extension to classifieds

Online membership management...

… if an e-commerce suite is not yet implemented

Insurance membership discount checking...

… to inform insurers of members who have not renewed

“We have worked with Next Step Heritage for a year and a half. In that time, our membership has grown substantially and it seems clear that they can take credit for a good proportion of that growth. We have also gained active and growing social media platforms, including the largest Instagram following of any UK Car Club. Being the continually innovating bunch they are, I look forward to seeing what else we can achieve with NSH.”

Michael Morrison – Marketing Director, The Mercedes-Benz Club
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