The Wriggly Monkey Brewery at Bicester Heritage



The Wriggly Monkey Brewery team brew Beer Engineered for Petrolheads, right from the famous Motor Transport Yard at the world-renowned Bicester Heritage site in Oxfordshire. 

Since their launch in 2018, Next Step Heritage have provided on-event photography and social media services for the Wriggly Monkey Brewery, helping to develop and shape their social strategy.

A ‘Wriggly Monkey’

The Wriggly Monkey Brewery team have a strong connection to vintage and classic cars, and their passion forms the foundation of the brand. A ‘Wriggly Monkey’ is slang for the particularly complex drivetrain found on pre-war Frazer Nash cars, and chief brewer Luke can sometimes be seen sliding about at tracks like Silverstone in the brewery’s Armstrong Siddeley ‘racing bar’, an MSA-homologated historic touring car with fully working bar facilities built into the roll cage.

Brand Building

Next Step Heritage have worked with The Wriggly Monkey Brewery to share and develop this spirit, helping to build their brand in a competitive market.