Searchable Magazine Back Issue Tool



Clubs have an untapped wealth of valuable information in the back issues of their magazines, some of which stretch back to the 1920s or earlier. But the sad reality is that the majority of these magazines and archive resources sit stacked away in boxes or fill bookcases for years on end, and the retrieval of information from them is an onerous task.


Next Step Heritage developed a digital archiving framework to solve this problem, and created software that makes an entire back catalogue searchable in an instant. The collection can be password protected and linked to a membership database, unlocking a valuable new member benefit.

The Searchable Magazine Back Issue Tool comes with an e-reader plugin that can be published directly to your club’s website, providing a seamless frontend presentation to your members.

Historic Club Life

The Next Step Heritage Searchable Magazine Back Issue Tool brings the history of your club to life, and makes available those countless pages filled with stories, technical advice, classifieds, committee minutes and records, all with just a few keystrokes.