Restoration Book


A well-documented story and engaging content are key to preserving one’s heritage and knowledge base and it is important to do so in a tactile way. Using a restoration book to document the history of a car neatly display its ‘journey’ from creation to present day.

We created a Restoration Book for a client and their BMW 2002 Tii, sharing its unique story after coming from Germany across to the UK and laying in wait for several years before being fully restored.

The client provided the photos and information about the car, and after conversations with previous owners we were able to pull together a complete history of the vehicle. Our journalism and content creation team crafted the information provided into a complete vehicle history spanning 40 years.

Next Step Heritage liaises with book making companies to ensure a good deal and a high quality finished product, allowing both individual owners and clubs alike to document and look back fondly on their history.

If you have a restoration you want to document, then please don’t hesitate to contact us if you’d like to learn more.


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