Sadly, the advent of the web has meant that a number of companies and organisations have been able to create something which at a quick glance looks like a bona fide club, but which does little outside of the digital domain.

Those of you who have been running clubs for years have something much more special, the extensive and deep knowledge that is typical of established car clubs is a unique thing. Put side by side against the ‘digital-only’ club, you will win hands down. The threat is in people being able to make that distinction when they are seeking a club to join, so it is important that the club can convey itself in the right way and ensure people understand the difference.

To compete successfully, a club does need a good website. It should have online membership sign up, its unique events need to be highlighted visibly to those searching the web and the incredible deep knowledge which exists in the club needs to be accessible to ensure you are the trusted place to go.

What’s more, you can have the slickest in the world, but without proper Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) you are unlikely to be found by many. This is something Next Step Heritage has plenty of experience in and we’re currently offering a free SEO audit to car and motorcycle clubs. Just email us here.

All of these functions are cheap and easy to achieve, there are many ‘off the shelf’ solutions so there is no need to ‘invent’ a solution or to feel tied to someone you know. Explore what’s out there, ask other clubs what they did and make a start. Pretty soon it will be obvious who are the real clubs and who are the digital-only ones.